Friday, September 2, 2011

Sweet home... Seattle.

It is so good to be home. Those words sound lame compared to how I feel.
Our journey was fantastic and I would not change a thing but there is something about coming home... where you can lay your head in peace. No riots, no planes, no bus, no car, no backstage, no catering. Just us.
As we returned home we were greeted by our loving animals. They missed us so much. I am not sure anyone can fill the shoes for you as a pet owner, they needed a lot of lovin and we are doing just that.
Stella went straight to the groomers. She is a corgi and they shed like there's no tomorrow. The amount of fur that comes off those dogs- seriously, I am glad no one told me, I would have never gotten a corgi had I known. Ignorance is bliss because she is lovely.
Our two cats, Jake and Elwood are at my feet every second. They follow me everywhere, laying in bed with me now.
Little Monkee, or chihuahua, likes that her world has been restored, she likes when the whole family is together.
I'm still too tired to finish up my blog, I feel I need to conclude this thing, as far as the tour goes, and I just don't have the energy to be witty or smart or funny. I need to take a few days and get myself together.
Yesterday was our first day home and we had a lot of clean up to do, had to fill the house with food and go for a bike ride. Last night Eddie and I drank some wine we bought in Bordeaux, France. I drank too much and this morning I have a headache. Worth it though, the wine was superb.
Quattro is already at his friends for a sleepover. He starts school next Wednesday so he is getting in his summer time fun while he can. Eddie is hanging out with the baby, as he goes back out on tour next week as well, leaves the day after the baby turns 2. 9.9.11
More coffee please.

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