Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I was just thinking of the morning we woke up in Bordeaux. We walked across the street near the train and ate at a place called Paul. Eddie got a recommendation from the front desk guy. That's always hit or miss. Sometimes you will ask for a great place to eat or a place for desserts (we ate a LOT of those, can you say gym time?) and the person will just tell you an area, which is fine but if someone asked me where to eat in Ballard, I'd def narrow it down.
Anyway, the place was called Paul and we would have eaten there anyway- just the look of it. It was hectic and there was a line and people were in a rush, getting their morning fix, grabbing their favorite pastry. That's the spot you want to look for when it comes to coffee and sweets, there has to be a line. There needs to be a frenzy.
We had pastries of every kind, Q got a quiche and Eddie got this long yeasty, chocolate thing and coffee of course.
I ordered a pink macaroon to take with us. We made it two hours on the road before Q remembered we had it. It was one of the greatest things I've ever had. Not only that it was beautiful, it was crisp and chewy and my best purchase in France.

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