Saturday, October 15, 2011

Apple picking

At it's finest.
Well, maybe not. I have never actually been. But today, I went. We all did.
The kids and I jumped in the car at 10 a.m. And headed to Jones Creek Farms, for some prime WA apple picking.
I guess on the East coast it is huge, it is what they do in the fall. My Mother grew up in Montana and she remembers doing it as a kid too. She said every year it rained, never failed.
I looked online to find a place that would actually let you pick apples, most of the orchards out here don't. There were some places that were so far away, I was sure to end up in Idaho, or worse, Canada (I'm kidding). I chose a place that wasn't necessarily close but it sounded cute and this happened to be their harvest festival weekend. You know, pumpkins and shit. I could care less about pumpkins, we did that two weeks ago at Fair Bank Farms (go there if you live near Seattle, so awesome). So yeah, pumpkins shmumpkins, I wanted some damn apples!
The place was about an hour and a half away, it was a cool drive though, all the trees are turning, we must've passed 10 pumpkin patches. We pulled up to this little place, there were cars lined up so I knew we were there, but it was pretty non descript. I was happy, I hate the places that are half carnival, I mean, I dig a carnival but not while I'm getting pumpkins or apple picking, kids loose sight of what they are there for and it becomes a day of waiting in line for rides.
We walked up and were greeted with a girl, who was probably 12, she was sweet and gave us a cup a super delicious hot cider. That was actually hot! We were pointed to the wagons and boxes, where we packed up and went.
We walked to the end where they said had not been over picked... they were wrong. There were no apples! I'm thinking we just drove nearly two hours for cider...
but we turned the corner and went to the middle and found a ton of apples. We all picked and fell in the mud. Q pulled the wagon and Elvis hunted butterflies. It was one of those times I know I will think about when I am 90. I will remember the time we apple picked, for the first time and we all loved it.
Tonight. Apple crisp!


  1. I love that you go out and do things. I admit that I'm a homebody and prefer to stay in my space. I wish I would/could get out there like you!

  2. You should get out there. The world is your oyster. Seriously. I have weeks where we don't leave this place and then I will just scratch the itch. It is very easy not to venture out but then when I do, I always realize, it is not that hard to either.

  3. When my daughter was little, real little, like 1 year old or something like that I sometimes felt just putting warm clothes on her (winter time!) was a drag, but once I was out and it was just her in the baby stroller and me - it was great. You do see the world differently when you have kids! Sounds corny, but that's the way it is. I will never forget that one autumn my daughter couldn't get enough of all the leaves that fell down. It was so sweet and cute. And I thought,"Yeah, those leaves look nice in all those redish colours!" Stuff like that. Sometimes she would just fall asleep in the baby stroller. Then I walked through parks, streets, the city. It just is a very good being alive feeling. Hope you know what I mean.