Monday, October 17, 2011

What is with everyone?

Seriously. What in the hell is up everyone's butt?
I am come across so many rude people lately, I think it's an epidemic. Or a pandemic... what's the difference? Both bad.
It's an assholademic.
I called someone recently and they answered (their cell phone) "WHAT? I'm really busy. Is this important?"
Really, that is what they said. I had to pull the phone away from my ear to see if I was in fact calling the right person. I was more than offended, I was completely caught off guard. I'm not sure why you would think it is okay to talk like that. I hope this person wasn't in an actual meeting, how embarrassing to be caught talking to someone like that.
So it goes, I have been greeted with the most unfortunate assholes lately. Everyone is so self absorbed, they have no idea they still need to be fucking nice. You have to be nice. You live in the WORLD. Ahem, where everyone else lives. And sure we all have our days, I have had a phone ring many times at the worst possible minute and if I ever had the urge to answer and scream at the person- I would choose to ignore the call. Whomever is calling is completely unaware of my world, because they have their world to live in.
So I hang up and have to rethink human nature. I am so drawn to these things, I am fascinated at what makes people snap and for what reason. Is it really that bad? Did you just find out you have a month to live? I mean, it could be anything, frustration, hangover... I am just blown away that people talk to each other like that.

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