Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Speaking of phone etiquette...

have we really lost the art of talking on the phone?
I am banging my head trying to think of the last time I talked to someone and they actually gave me the attention a phone call use to get. I can't think of a single one and I am just wondering if we are all done talking?
I use email and text as much as the next busy 35 year old mother, but I do like to talk. Not always, I can't always pick up the phone and you know what I do then? I don't pick up. If I can't talk, I don't pick up. If something comes up, I get off the phone. If I find myself sitting in front of an open email or the sudden urge to surf the inter-web strikes... I get off the fucking phone.
This is spurred by a number of things, but mostly by my husband who never ever, ever gives me the floor, while on the phone.
You totally deserve being hung up on. X

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