Sunday, October 9, 2011

What a difference a week makes.

a week ago today I was busy grocery shopping and planning meals, now I am busy blowing noses and downing aspirin.
My entire house got so sick, oh man. I boo it.
I feel like now a week has passed so whether I feel like getting to the laundry or not, I have to. Ugh. I boo that too.
The energy that is sucked out of you is insane, I am so sick of coughing.
My husband is in Aspen I think, he has been traveling for a week now and somehow on this end it feels a little bit like forever.
We will see him for Thanksgiving, in Arizona. I can't believe that is coming up so fast. What is going on? Is it when you have kids? I'm guessing, I just feel like time is flying, I'm trying to be ore aware of that. Take a minute to enjoy stuff, stop and smell the florwers, that kind of shit but you know I try and do that anyway. Having the entire house in pj's for an entire week (seriously) I kept thinking of how these times will be wpmy fond memories when I'm old and my kids are grown. Kind of depressing but really sweet. I will always remember the sick times, that is when they seem to need you the most... Although I would like to forget the time Quattro had the swine flu and Elvis was 5 weeks old and Eddie was on tour. That fucking sucked.

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