Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

So it happened. We are now living in 2014.
To say I was born in the 70's is like admitting I am a relic.
Although I realize I am not, but still, don't you feel old?

This past year is something of a blur.
I know that a big part of this feeling is that my husband was gone for most of it.
My youngest turned 1, my daughter 4 and holy shit, Quattro is 13!
A lot has happened and all in all it was a good year, but I am glad it is gone.

Reflecting is something I do often but really, I try to just move forward.
Last year, with my daughters near drowning I feel like looking back on 2013, that is the thing that comes to surface. I know that there are so many amazing moments, Zeke's first words and first steps... but really, the pool flashes in my head and I just try to look forward.

This next year will bring so many changes for our family. We are preparing for a HUGE move.
We will be packing up our house and going on the road for a year and I gotta say, I am so ready.
I am looking forward to doing something new. I have this down, the living in a house and getting kids to school, baseball, ballet. I understand all that goes into this part of life but next year will not only bring new beginnings, it will teach us all a new way of life.

We are surrounded (especially after Christmas) by hundreds of toys, books and games- next year we will learn to entertain ourselves on very few things like this. I wonder what it will do to their desire to consume as adults. Maybe they are too young now to take any of this with them but at the very least I hope they thank us for putting ourselves out there to do something different.

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