Thursday, January 2, 2014

Have you seen my hat?

As I sift through my list of things I gotta do, I am realizing that lately I am wearing a LOT of hats.
Actually we all are. And I mean ALL of us.
I am guessing all families do. Working families that try to spend most of their time together (when they can) have to.

Today we are recording Quattro's "Vacation" song to use for our little video project.
This is a song he wrote for me for Mother's Day. It is such a great song, he sang it at a friends memorial and now we are using it for a new project. I am so excited to let people hear it. For the masses to hear it. It's simply amazing and eerily mature.

We are digging deeper into this adventure of ours. We are stopping at nothing in order to make this trip anything but ordinary... as if it would ever be. Elvis is doing a voice over for the video. Hearing her read lines is really quite sweet.

So while we all take off our production hats and I my writer/videographer hat, we will put this day to bed and let the evening flow like it do. Family walks and dinner will slide into evening baths and bedtime stories.

We all need our beauty sleep, as tomorrow it's time for our close up!
(much more on that later)

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