Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Spaghetti Family

As I put the finishing touches on out Twitter and Instagram feeds tonight, I am not only super tired, I am super stoked.
What is happening in our lives (and in many lives) has come from a 5 minute conversation I had with my husband, over the phone on less than glamorous, venerable morning. I was just thinking about how we do things and how they are fine but the amount of things he was missing and the amount of travel we were missing... it just didn't add up that morning. And I am happy to say that months later, it still doesn't add up. We are starring at a calendar that has him leaving in February and unpacking in June.
That morning I just started talking about how we need to get back together more and that there must be an easier way. He agreed, he loves his life, he loves to tour but missing the things in our kids lives, it is hard to justify sometimes. In our weaker moments, we wonder "what the fuck are we doing?!" But lately in our more sound moments, we are still missing each other so much, it is palpable.
Well, what we came up with may or may not turn out to be easier, but I do know that it is turning out to be such a cool thing for us. For all of us. Even the little ones are getting in on the action. Well, not the baby but Elvis, our 4 year old is loving the idea of the trailer. Being with her Daddy though, that's what she is loving.
We are all planning and working together. Our daily conversations are thick with "next year" and "in the trailer"... it's all still a mystery but isn't that what we all need? Isn't that what so many of us are missing?
Maybe not. Maybe we are in fact totally crazy but I'll take it. Having seen my husband 9 days in 7 months this past year was enough to make a change.
There are so many things that we will miss, that we take advantage of now but I am looking forward to that. Looking forward to seeing what is necessary in our lives, what we are doing/spending/wasting in our day to day. We are all looking forward to a more simple life, homeschooling and seeing the country together and who can forget the live music. Touring is something that I have always enjoyed and used to be a part of.

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