Monday, July 26, 2010

Back-ups, baby.

I got to the studio one day last week and Eddie asked if I would do some back up vocals. I am was a little like "... um, no." but then I remembered I really do like to sing. Even though I KNOW I'M NOT A SINGER. So when you hear it, which you will- you should, you really should buy it when it comes out (don't worry I will let you know when it's coming) don't beat me up. I am sure Eddie's "fans" will they LOVE to talk crap, it's cool though.
Anyway... I like to sing. I do it in the car (never in the shower, does anyone?) all the time and at home in the kitchen, while I am cooking, I totally belt the songs out, but not with any confidence and not when anyone is here, except Q, I sing for him, it makes him laugh.
Well I did it, I sang back up on two or three songs and I've definitely improved since "Bubble Gum & Beer" my backups stank on that one but I have forgiven myself. I really liked being there to help "produce" Q's song too. Dave and Eddie were laughing at me because I kept having Q sing the end of this song over because I knew he could go bigger and in the end (5 takes) he nailed it, he totally nailed it.
Right now I am battling with myself. I didn't sleep at all last night and at like 7 I was wide awake and had to work at 9- the baby is way into nursing still, even more so the last few days, she skipped her lunch and dinner and nursed me to death, I feel like I could go eat a second dinner... maybe another ice cream sandwich? Eddie makes the best ones.
I really want to take something to make me sleep but I have to work tomorrow and I don't feel like feeling all groggy... wine? Okay.

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