Friday, July 16, 2010

Talk to me honey.

Over the last few days I have been thinking about conversations I have and the way that they go, the people they're with and I am seeing a trend. More and more I will be talking with someone and I will be in the middle of a story and I will get cut off and never be asked to pick back up where I was. You know, when your story spurs the other person and they chime in and have their little "side story" but then usually they will say "okay, sorry... continue" or you will just pick up where you left off when they are done.
Well lately it just happens that I will be talking and get interrupted and the other person won't even ask me to continue or worse yet, they won't even acknowledge that I was saying anything.
My old best friend (see post "She is leaving") used talk over and interrupt all the time but she would ALWAYS get back to my story, it was one of the things I really liked about her. She talked a LOT but not in that selfish way, she never didn't want to hear what you were saying. Hmmm, maybe I miss that ol' bitch... I do but I am ready to have a new BFF, I would really like to meet someone that is like where I'm at. Someone that has the sort of same thing going on in their lives, so we have something to talk about. Most of my friends are older, kids are grown (r they are too grown) and we are just in different worlds. I have a little baby and a 9 year old... maybe I need a gay husband. Like not another husband but his gay counterpart. That would be good.
Oh there I go getting sidetracked but at least I didn't cut you off!
I do wonder though, which is worse, getting interrupted and never finishing or calling your sister after not talking for a month and her not asking you one thing about your life?

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  1. I met some of my best friends at the Y. I signed up my son(s) for "gym class" and swimming lessons. I met a lot of women with kids the same age and some with similar interests. It took awhile (as these things do) but thirteen years later we are still friends.