Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Why is the Subaru the "Seattle car"? It's weird.
At every turn I see a Subaru, usually with a bunch of stickers on the inside of the back seat window... no judgement, (heh heh heh) but it's odd I think.
Speaking of odd, um "Toddlers and Tiaras" anyone? This show is fucking cccccccccrazy! I just saw a Mom put mascara on her boy? I mean, either way, boy or girl, these kids shouldn't be wearing mascara, they all look like little strippers and pimps. It makes me uncomfortable but I can't stop watching! I'm like on my second glass on wine and I don't have to work tomorrow and it looks like it might be a god damn marathon people! Eddie and Q are in the kitchen doing a Wimpy Kid puzzle, Elvis is fast a sleep and Mama is going to get comfy and watch this train wreck.


  1. You should spend some time in New England - Massachusetts more specifically. You'll see lots of Volvos as that seems to be car to have in this area. Nice pic of Elvis too!

  2. Ha! I was thinking the same thing. Subaru seems to be the official car of Vermont. Every other car is a Subaru! I actually don't feel like I see that many around here. :-)