Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bonjour Dover ferry

We are on the ferry now.
I am pretty tired after my useless bed experience. I ended up sleeping in a twin bed with Eddie, which was kinda nice- traveling with two kids you don't get to be too close that often. But after a couple of hours, I had had enough of his cover stealing, bed hogging ways, no matter how good looking a girl needs her sleep, especially when she is the driver. So I cozied up with Quattro and that is where I woke up this morning. It sucked, the whole night but today I rally, once again.
We got out pretty quick. The maid was up early cleaning the carpets, so that was a big, fat hint to get the hell. Hint taken.
Driving to the ferry we were racing the clock. We had purchased a ticket for tomorrow as that is when we were originally planning to come to France but staying another night in England with no show, I just figured it would be better to come to Paris a.s.a.p. The trip was short but there was a ton of traffic, everyone wanting to get out of dodge? Um, I think so.
We barely made the ferry but we did, with two hours on the boat and about 3 more to go on the road, I am thinking tonight I will sleep well.
Speaking of sleep. Our little chicken has been quite the world traveler. She has slept on the floor, in a cot, in between Eddie and I and in a big bed all by herself.
Pretty cool stuff. We are SO lucky. Man, I have heard horror stories. Actually as I type this there are quite a few horror stories going on right in front of me. It's irritating when parents want their kids to "act right" in public but something tells me, they aren't exactly little angels behind closed doors. Come on people, lets get real.
Gotta go, time to get off the boat and drive on the right side of the road, however, still on the wrong side of the car. Fun!


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