Sunday, August 7, 2011

Swimming in Wrexham, or is it Chester?

We had a very short (2 hour) drive today, from Sheffield to Wrexham. I found a tasty looking breakfast place online last night called The Pudding Ladies Millhouse Cafe. I was up all night at our legendary hotel... there was no shortage of hood-rat behavior going on, needless to say I didn't sleep, which left me plenty of time to find a spot for breaky, cause we weren't going to be eating at the hotel.
Anyway, we were all up bright and early. Packed up and hit the road. We were driving through Sheffield and decided, it is not that awesome, then suddenly we hit this beautiful part of town, it was amazing. The houses were so... well, English I guess. Cute like gingerbread houses but multimillion dollar ones. The cafe I found was on this huge stretch of park with a man made lake with pedal boats you could rent (except you used your arms on like a bike pedal thingy- weird, see it IS the little things, a'la Pulp Fiction) and some people had their own remote control sail boats and speed boats. The food was fine, the scones and clotted cream (do NOT judge till you've tried it, it's like butter's blonder, hotter sister- it's amazing) were outstanding and the tea was very good, as I would expect. After we ate, we walked the grounds a little and came across this amazing playground. They really know how to treat their kids over here. Most places we go the people are very into the kids and there's always a lot to do for them. In the states when I travel with kids there's not as much love. Run down parks- I love America, but I'm not sure America loves kids as much as the English, just an observation.

You can see in this picture, Quattro's face painting. We are big on the little things of home when we travel. So face painting always comes with us. It boils down to the little things when you are gone for as long as we are. When you are away from home for 1-2 weeks, you can pretty much go without everything. The daily comforts you think you are attached to, you can in fact live without but when you are gone nearly 6 weeks, there's a part of you that can feel lost, or misplaced. Being in a different country can do that to you immediately and I'm not a kid so I don't really know what it's like for them. Anyway, I just try to have little bits of our home life with us. The fun stuff, especially.

This is Quattro as we came around the corner of the garden and he saw the playground.

After the eating and the playing, we had to get on the road. We left Sheffield from the west side of town, so our original map told us to take a different motorway than we ended up taking after breakfast- some things really do happen for a reason.
We set off on this amazingly small road. We are talking single file people, it was windy and it was killer! I had such a fun time driving, I was going incredibly slow because I have children in the car, but if I had to do it again I would be on a motorcycle.
The views were amazing, I have no other words for it. It was the best part of our journey to date.
We stopped on the side of the road to take some pictures and we walked along a trail. There were sheep roaming around and the air was cool and smelled like fabric softener wishes it could smell.

These two really wanted to come with us. They chatted us up until the very end. Elvis loved them, she "baaa" for about 30 minutes and then was fast asleep.
We arrived to the hotel in Wrexham... or Chester? Either way it is really far from teh club and in a good way. It is a beautiful hotel with a pool and huge gardens and cows! I guess people get married here, the food was good, Eddie brought us all breaky in bed because his neck is all messed up, so he couldn't sleep. He reached down to grab Elvis yesterday and he heard something say "Enjoy! Snap." and just like that, he is a big cry baby. I feel bad. It is no fun, I'm sure.

We are swimming now and enjoying our day off. Tomorrow we go to...Cambridge which is our second to last day in the UK. Then we have a 9 hour drive (no day off to make that not suck) to Paris. It's our little she-she's first time to Paris so we are going to wake up early and catch the 9 a.m. ferry so we can give her a proper french day. Q and I will go to the Lourve if it all works out and eat duck liver and butter. I'm going to be fat when I get back. happy. But fat.

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