Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We are back at the room. It was nice to have a show after our day off.
It's always good to watch Eddie play and we all get to do our assigned "jobs". Mine isn't really considered a job I guess because I am not getting paid but Quattro is and happily so.
He has gotten a lot better at dealing with the money and the accents. I fear that when we hit France and Germany he will be in for a bit of a hard time. They use Euros and I have always found pounds easier to deal with. And while people in the England are speaking english, there is a thick accent but it is still english. They have words that we don't use, so there is a learning curve. But Germany? That is altogether a different ball game. it doesn't even sound like anything you would be able to decipher. It's tough.
Looks like the exchange rate has changed a bit over the last week, which is good for us. Not to spend it though... don't get me started. But while we are here making the pound and soon to be euro, we are spending it as if that is what it's worth. When you buy coffee for 3 pounds, it doesn't seem so bad, if you do the conversion.... it is not good.
On that note, I am going to bed. Tomorrow is a new day and we are off to Grimsby, reminds me of the Secret Of Nihm, "Grimsby! Oh Mrs. Grimsby"...


  1. Mrs. Grisby. Mrs. Grisby and the Rats of Nimh. No no no - fuck - It's Mrs. Fucking Frisby! Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh! I can't believe you just said that (several months ago). I haven't heard or thought of that book since I was a kid, but I loved that fucking book. I was in the "gifted " program and in about 5th grade, our project was to write a sequel to the story, make a cover, type and illustrate with fingerprint mice. In my story, Charlie comes back to life (just like in Days of Our Lives) but he is an alcoholic and has to go to treatment. Then, he gets home and everything is perfect. That's how I thought it worked. Man was I naive. Thanks for the memory-trigger, J.

  2. Love that book, I picked up an old copy for Q, recently, for Xmas. Fantastic movie too.