Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Starbucks is better than Costa. There, I said it.

I'm sitting in the car as the boys go get some coffee. England's best selling coffee is from this place called "Costa" and we have drank our fair share of it. Eddie has it almost every morning at the hotels but I think it is no match for our beloved Starbucks.
I know there are a lot of haters out there of Starbucks, that it's a big time corporation, blah blah blah. I'm down with the 'buck. Not all big corporations are bad and you know, I bet a lot of them started very, very small. Anyway, when you travel like we are, you have to have your old stand- by. When you are up all night and drive all day- you have to have some coffee with a homey kick. The English have their tea down, I have nothing to say about that, other than I need about 5 of them in the morning.
I was super tired this morning. I don't know if it was all the walking yesterday or my emotional state was interrupted by Q falling out of the tree. I totally had a dream about it but it was Elvis this time and it wasn't really a tree but there was falling involved... you know how dreams go. So that sucked and I woke up feeling less than refreshed.
Elvis passed out in the car so I had to stay behind. I never know what they are going to come back with, when I'm not there to lure Quattro towards the healthier stuff. He is a great eater, he will eat anything but he is 10. If I wasn't around, I am certain he would live off gummy worms, chocolate milk and popcorn.
I mistakenly told him about a year ago that my lunches in high school consisted of mostly pepsi and snickers. I don't remember the context, certainly we weren't talking nutrition and obviously my guard was down because I get that thrown in my face all the time now. "Can I get a candy bar?", "no, get hummus", "hummus?? but you had a snickers bar everyday in high school!" I just stop him in his tracks and tell him he is being dramatic, to say I had one everyday was over kill and then I school him on exaggeration, so things get lost, hummus gets bought and that's that. I'm sneaky. Or he's easily tricked. Either way.
I never had the heart to tell him I had snickers and pepsi because I liked to keep the lunch money and buy bad stuff with. I'm not one of those parents that is THAT honest. I will not be retelling my youth to him in chronological order or anything. I will be skipping pages... shit, I will be skipping chapters. Sometimes I wonder if I would be doing more harm by telling him the truth or making it all up? Just making up random things as I go, about my childhood, I had a great imagination as a child, certainly I could unearth that. But no, even as a child I was told that was a "lie", I was branded the fibber for a time, which is cruel and has totally fucked me up now because I am super paranoid that people are liars and I never, ever, ever let one slide- not even one. It's lame and I battle that.
Boys are back, more later

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  1. i do that can't let a lie slide / honest to a fault thing to, but I can't trace it back to its source as you have. You are making great progress in the battle - it's tough, I know -