Sunday, August 14, 2011

Speyer, inspires.

We are just back from the club. In the nice room, Eddie's taking a shower, Elvis is trying to wind down and Q has found the beloved "Keeka" on TV. I swear, even in Germany kids like TV (I mean, American kids, of course German kids like their tv- we are all human). This show is the first thing we saw on TV two summers ago. We had flown into London and for some jacked up reason drove to Germany... look at a map, go ahead... it's far, right? Ya, it is.
So we drove and drove and rode a ferry and then drove some more. I am not sure what the thinking there was or if there was any. That's the thing about going over the pond, you always forget that jetlag is real and it sucks balls. It's like childbirth. You just think, "ya, that's cool, I'll be fine to drive 7 hours after a 14 hour flight with a 4 hour layover"... does not make sense but I think at one point it might have...
ok, so Keeka is this retarded show that Q fell in love with and has talked about since. It's in German so he has no idea what it is about. Now that we are watching it again, I am thinking this is an adult show, like Crank Yankers or something... I don't know, my German is bad. If anyone can shed some light, please do.
Tonights show in Speyer, at Flaming Star was great. They people there are so nice, it is sad to leave. They treated us like family and that is beyond kind, it is what we need. It's hard being away from home, from all of your comforts, so to go to a place and have them treat you like the radical people you wish you were, it is always a good feeling.
I miss home. It is starting... I am missing my animals and my bed. I'm missing my washing machine!! Everyone stinks in the car! We skipped the laundry in Koln because we were lazy and wanted to sleep in and have late breakfast and then get the hell out of town. So we suffer. All of us.
Tomorrow we are going to Heidelberg and I couldn't be happier. I have the best memories there. It is where we can all relax ad be a family. We will have two more days off before we hit Spain. That's where the party will start and just in time for us to go home. Spain is insane and I enjoy every second. I believe that one day, when our kids are grown and we have no use for a yard and a house full of toys, we will move to Spain and travel around and meet up with our kids for the holidays. Do you hear that Spain?? We're coming for ya.


  1. Hey, if you mean "Kika" - that one means "Kinderkanal" (English translation: children's channel). They have all sort of stuff for kids trying to transport it in a "good kids-like way". They also have news made just for kids on that channel.
    Does that make sense to you and helps in any way?


    it's all in german though ;)

  3. Yep, that's it! My kids love it, even though it is in German and they don't understand the words. Seems like cartoons, etc must be universal.