Saturday, August 20, 2011


Today was a long drive. It was one of those drives that you just wanted to get over. Construction, stupid drivers, slow drivers, you know- just want it to be over. That was today.
But we had a great morning in Erfurt, after a less than stellar turn out, we made the very best of it. We walked around last night after the show. We walked to the Dom, checked things out and shared a beer, in the dark. It's pretty cool that you can drink and walk around. Pushing a stroller and walking with a beer, reminds me of Vegas.
Anyway, after a very German breakfast (ham, butter, bread, museli... wha?) we packed up and thought we would walk around, find a park and then hit the long road that waited for us. Then we stepped out of the hotel, after walking down about 65 stairs, loaded the car and thought better of the park- it was HOT! Like real hot. Like, "I need water", hot. I need shade, a/c and definitely some ice cream! So we scrapped the park, walked around the center a bit and found the best gellato and cheap! We paid 3.40 Euro for 4 cones, that is incredible. Anyway, we walked around their little farmers market (man, I miss Ballard farmers market..) bought some fruit for the kids (to break up all the currywurst and potatoes...) and just thought we should get the hell. It was hot. Our car had a/c- and it was done. We left.
Arriving in Essen, we were greeted with the nicest group of people and two kids! How exciting for my kids to see kids. You forget after all these longs days, and evenings filled with grown ups, they need to see their kind. Elvis is too young to really care but Q is very hospitable. He immediately started playing foozball with the girl, she was 7. I would put her name in here but I would butcher it. Her Mom is reading this, so "HI" and "thank you for everything!"
We checked into our lovely apartment. Yep, you heard me. Not only was this place NOT a dump (which we were growing very accustom to). It was an apartment. With a livingroom, separate bedroom (yay!) and balcony. And kitchen! Too bad we aren't here long enough, I would totally love to go to the market and make some dinner. That's not happening.
As I type I am backstage with my little chicken. She has grown tired of the club scene, she prefers the backstage. So if you are out here and wondering what we are doing, we are usually face painting and watching "Fantastic Mr. Fox", eating chocolate... that sort of thing. You know, rock stuff.
The owners of the club sent us across the street for dinner. It was a fabulous chinese/thai place that was lovely and the lady that served us was awesome. We had fried udon noodles, duck salad, eggplant, scallops and beef wrapped asparagas. I wish I would have had room for dessert but none of did.
Before we walked over there someone told us to take an umbrella because a storm was coming, we said we were from Seattle, so we were good- and you know what? We should've brought the damn umbrella. We walked in and sat by the window and immediately the sky grew dark and the lightening started. Q was counting, you know, to see how far away it is (I wonder if that is true?). It was like 3 seconds away (so 3 miles?) It was awesome! The thunder was so loud it was shaking the floor. We sat right by the window in the back and eventually they closed them because it was raining sideways. It smelled like rain and was a beautiful lightening storm to watch. We then enjoyed our dinner and beer... what I didn't enjoy was Elvis first restaurant tantrum. I knew it was coming. It was bound to happen and now we have checked it off the list. She would not sit down, she would not eat, she wouldn't drink- she just wanted to get the hell... she wanted to sit on my lap and I denied her. It is sad but Mommy needed to eat without someone on my lap. I mean, I am still breastfeeding, so I feel like I ALWAYS have her on my lap. I love her. I wouldn't trade her but man, if I don't want to walk into a restaurant and drop her at the coat check sometimes... that's mean right? Oh well. I'm mean. I'm just as evil as I am good.
Good night Essen. You rocked!

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