Wednesday, August 10, 2011

England sucks, kinda...

Well getting out of England has never felt so good.
I feel like I am a little more appreciative of my own country. It takes things like this sometimes.
See! The grass isn't greener.
I did enjoy England and I will be back, although it will forever be a little tainted, kinda like D.C. we were there when they had that insane sniper and son.
The people are great in England. Loud and abrasive yet somehow really sweet and considerate.
The food is delicious, a sort of comfort food you can only get here but somehow reminds you of your Mama's food.
There's nothing particularly fancy about England but it all feels very royal. And while it is old, it feels modern. Maybe England is the original oxymoron?
Whatever it is, I feel bad about the hand it is being dealt now. That London and well, all of England is looking bad and unruly. They are made to look like they don't know what they are doing and can't handle their youth. It sucks.
I was a misled youth and sure I didn't riot in the streets (well, not often anyway) I just don't know what they are fighting against. They are just a bunch of sheep and don't you know that is exactly what they think they are NOT. They are. They are followers. Just each city of "gangsters" being more ridiculous, careless and sloppy.
When I was 21 I went to a police brutality march. I am sure I was just trying to fight the fight for what I thought was going on and probably had very little idea of what that was, but I was passionate about making a difference. We had a cause. We were reacting and wanted change... but the looting and destroying shops. It's all lost on me. What will that change? I am not sure how taxes work in England and I am sure those teens that are doing the damage aren't paying taxes... so I guess that is my answer. They just don't give a fuck. Right? Do they not care about their city? The streets look like pieces of a movie clip. Trash burning and glass everywhere.
I would love to catch the low life that keeps tagging my recycling can at home, if I did, I would take him home to his mother and make HER scrub it off. But what do you do when there are 50 or 100 of them? And they are destroying the city? Can you blame it all on the parents? Is it the governments fault? What kind of trouble were they getting into before the riots? I am sure they aren't straight A students, mowing the neighbors lawn on the weekend. So how do kids get lost?
I think I am super curious about all of this because I have a soon to be teenager (did I just write that??!) He is 10 now and I just wonder how does a perfectly happy, healthy kid go from playing hide n' go seek, to tipping over a van or breaking a store front window? In one of the papers, I saw a couple, probably 17 years old, holding hands as they threw rocks into a car window. I was stunned. I had only one thought "how do I keep that from being either one of my kids?".

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