Friday, August 5, 2011


Upon Thyme, or something like that.
Today wasn't the best day we have had. Quattro is feeling rather sick and it was just one of those days where the elements of nature and the beast within were on the same page. We did travel through some cool storms though and I like that. It is nice to be out in it, I think. Most of the time when there's a storm everyone is inside. It's not too often you get to watch a storm from, I don't know 50 miles away and then ride on through it. I have always enjoyed a good storm and the more of it I can enjoy, the better.
We let Quattro ride in front today, partly because I have heard if you are feeling sick, the front seat is the place to be and also because he is a better co-pilot. Eddie has already gotten on my nerves because he is very quiet. He reads email and his book and I just have to sit there. There's no ipod jack which is whack! The car tells you in pictures how to take off the emergency break, but no ipod jack? Come on VW.
It's fine that he is the quiet road dog type, I am just not. I like to talk and I like to brainstorm and I like to think ahead. I am probably exhausting.
Today we had a conversation about Halloween costumes, Eddie just sat in the back with Elvis and pretended he couldn't hear us... well, it sure wasn't because of the music.
Tonights show sounds like it was a good time. We stayed back because Q needed some rest. We went out and bought "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" and "Fantastic Mr. Fox", which we have all seen a million times but needed some low maintenance stuff to do, although Elvis just did somersaults all over the bed. I can't believe she is not even two and she can fully do a somersault! Taking after her Mommy.
Eddie said it was a proper mad house tonight, which bummed Q out. He has been selling merch and tonight he missed out on a large merch %. I think he should get 1/2 his normal rate but I'll leave that up to Eddie.
I have to go buy shoes tomorrow (bummer!) and this is the town to do it in. Newcastle has great shopping and cool, unique stuff. I have a hole in the bottom of my left flat and it is of course raining the last two days. Yuck. What was I thinking? I have... well, lets just say I have a lot of shoes at home, I should have brought another pair but maybe this was a little premeditated?
Speaking of "Fantastic Mr. Fox". I have seen it before but not start to finish- I have to say that if anyone ever wanted to know something about Eddie that you wouldn't normally know, it is that he is Fantastic Mr. Fox. That movie embodies him like no other.

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