Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sheffield don't know Chinese

We are all sitting back stage. Eddie and I enjoying a rather lovely beer called "Hobgoblin". It says something like it's "legendary ruby beer". In the Supersucker camp the word "legendary" can only mean one thing, it's crap. But that is just not so with this lager, it's really good. Now our hotel... That's definitely legendary.
Quattro is feeling better, closer, warmer but nit at all 100%. I'm hoping tomorrow he comes back full speed.
Elvis is trying to play guitar and now Eddie and Q are arm wrestling. Quattro wants him to "foot wrestle" which means, I guess, that they have to lay on their backs on the ground, which Eddie is not into. The carpet is nasty, smells like either a cat box or an old diaper genie. Mmmmm.
I think we'll go back to the hotel, I'm super tired, long drive today.


  1. Hobgoblin ain't a lager it's ale, and yeh it's ruddy splendid! I believe Obama recieved a bottle of it courtesy of our Prime Minister..

  2. lager, ale... I'm sure there's a difference but for me it's all either good or bad. And it was awesome.
    Obama better send your PM a thank you.