Thursday, August 18, 2011


Well, you can't win them all. We pulled into Erfurt today, were we, once again, got shot down in our quest to do some laundry. I am not sure if it will ever get done. We have 14 days left before we are home and I tell ya, waiting doesn't sound too bad. Laudrymats take up your afternoon, you have to go find it and sit there for the entire time and that just doesn't sound like something we are prepared for. Not with all the roamin' round to do.
Today I took Q out to ride his skateboard. Eddie stayed in and wrote some music while Elvis took a nap. It was nice.
The turn out for the show was not so hot. But you know that is what we have to deal with sometimes. I don't know how Eddie does it. Night after night. It is one thing to come on the road and go through the motions everyday but to slap a smile on his face every night, no matter if there are 25 people... I would never make it.
It reminds me of this Bill Hicks, when he walks out to a pretty quiet audience in the south, I think, and he talks about "slap a smile on my face and plow through this shit one more time".. I mean, if that is not spot on to how I would feel.
But Eddie is a road dog. He was born to do this. He is just as good to watch with 1 or 100 people, I just don't get it. Where does that come from? And why aren't there more people in Erfurt coming out to watch him?? Seems like a quiet little town, he's not exactly quiet.
Elvis and I watched the show from the balcony near the backstage and took turns between Daddy and "Fantastic Mr. Fox". Eddie pointed out on todays drive that it was pretty cool this was her first favorite movie. How... fantastic.

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