Saturday, August 13, 2011

Frankfurt rocks!

Well that is what he needed to make himself feel like a god damn rock guy again.
After getting a french boot in his ass, I guess he was needing a little pick me up. In the old days that would be a night out of full on "drink your face off" fun but these days, he is (ahem) a little more civilized. I think getting lifted up by things that matter have found their spot in his little cold, black heart.
Frankfurt was looking to be a very bleak event. We showed up and the club was dark and empty, the backstage was a closet at best and there was no rider. Nothing, not even an old banana. That's for another post, but a rider (for those of you wondering) is a list of things in your contract that you would like to be there WHEN you get there, possibly before. It's nice to get out of the bus, van or car and have a little somethin' somethin' waiting for you. Some things that YOU picked, the things that make YOU happy, after all, you are the talent- well not me, but him and I am with him... anyway the rider now vs 12 years ago is VERY different and hilarious. No we didn't put diapers on it, not that I am against it (or Eddie for that matter) but our little chicken has very sensitive skin, so I have to be careful about all of that, anyway- another time.
But the bartender girl was super sweet and the guy from the venue/sound dude was nice. He sent us down stairs to eat and we were happy. Who needs to hang out in a cleaning closet?
Dinner was amazing but we couldn't help but notice there were no people walking along this very popular, downtown strip of the city center. The walkway to the club was right near where we were sitting so we started counting the people as they walked in... we weren't counting very high. So we just started discussing the fact that we have come at a very crap time of the year for Europeans and the English... this is their holiday time, blah blah blah... we enjoy our dinner, I am sure Edide was thinking about how lame the turn out was going to be, we counted 7. Ya, that was the lucky number.
Well either we are never going to be accountants or there was another door because we walked in and there were a good number of people in there. We were all SO happy, I was so happy I decided to stay- in the cleaning closet! It wasn't so bad, they put some drinks back there, there was no internet but there was a table and an outlet, dude, I am so easy to please. Elvis would not go out into the club. For some reason, she was just not having it. I think it was the disco ball, either way it was either stay in the closet or walk back to the hotel, which was a fine place but in the red light district. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I'd rather not have a prostitute nod off and fall onto my stroller.
The show was great, Quattro did gangbusters in merch. He has totally come into his own selling the merch, he sets up by himself and packs it away. The kid will make a pretty penny by the end of the trip, at 10% a night, he will be getting more than a new DSi, which is what he is saving for.
After the show we went back to our hovel, I'm kidding, it was the Rossija and it wasn't so bad. I would stay there again. Other than it being smack in the middle of a german free for all, it is just down the street from the good part of town and there's private parking, which is mighty important. The breakfast included part of our journey isn't as important. In England they just have a way with their breakfast and even though we all got sick of it, after a week in Germany we will be wishing we were starring at a plate of baked beans and bangers. The Germans do a ham and butter spread, with a hard boiled egg (sometimes soft boiled, watch out!) and some crusty rolls and that is about it. It's pretty bleak but gets the job done and the coffee is outstanding, so we partake. That way we save ourselves a cool 30 Euro before 11 a.m. everyday... it adds up.
Tomorrow we will be doing laundry and we are SO happy about that. It is time. We have all run out of underwear, our jeans are nasty and every last little dress of Elvis' is smelling like an old sock. Hey, at least we will be in Germany, right? Eh, it's still laundry. Which reminds me, I need to look up the words for "hot" and "cold".
The guys are back and the show was good. Tiny place but good people and good music. You can't ask for much more.
Elvis and I came back to the hotel early and watched "Fantastic Mr. Fox" again... seems like someone has her first favorite movie. Cute.

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  1. hot in german is 'heiss' and cold is 'kalt' ;)
    really enjoy reading your blog! thanks for sharing!