Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sitting in the "hotel" room in Halle. Waking up was not exactly the same this morning as the one before.
The place we are staying at is no star(s), it is not a dump but it is not up to par either. In the contract we have a star rating for our rooms, when the venue signs the contract they are stating that they will accommodate, that they understand what we are up for. This place is not it. But I will chalk it up to the language barrier, as I have found in my short time in Halle, these people are strictly German speaking. And that's cool because we are in GERMANY! Duh. The show last night also made it easier to swallow these digs, it was exactly the kind of show we are hoping for out here. A full room, nice food and cold beer for us, Apfelsaft for Q and milch for Elvis. That's all we really need, the hotel room is just a minor set back in an otherwise perfectly played town.

Before we checked out, I decided I would do Elvis' nails. In the states I had picked up some Sally Hansen nail strips, I bought them for Q and then another box for Elvis. She held very still the entire time it took me to put them on. I was pretty impressed and thought of all the mani/ pedis we could get when we are back home... then when we stopped for a snack I noticed she had one nail still standing. All the others she chewed off.
Note to self, she is still a baby.

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