Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Riots suck.

I am so sorry for all the people these riots are affecting. We are such a little part of it, but being over here and just ahead of all the major hoopla, we too are not immune. Eddie's show in Birmingham has been canceled for Wednesday. It sucks because there are people that were going to be there and that's bad for business but there's nothing we can do, except stay safe.
We will leave from Cambridge and go to Paris a day early. I am so glad for this. I have been dreading that 9 hour drive and now that Birmingham is out of the question, we get to head straight there, shaving a cool 3 hours off the trip.
I'm not sure I understand the riots. They are children. They are 17-18 year old kids, mostly boys... where are their mothers? Better yet, where are their fathers?? I ge tthe "fuck the police" attitude but they are destroying local business. I saw on the news they busted in a looted a burial shop. Like urns and shit. That's just crazy! They showed a bunch of kids, cowardly hiding their faces, shaking a car with a woman in it... I am just sad. I'm confused and I hate to say it, I am really glad to be leaving England.

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