Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good bye England.

Well it was fun but now the fun is over.
The fucking riots are out of control and I am just sick about it.
There are helicopters flying over us and I don't know how many police vans and cars went by the hotel. Quattro was very nervous about the whole thing. I know we are safe and assured him but I can't help but think this is probably really scary for him. This is real shit that is going on in a different country that he is actually in. This is not like reading the newspaper or watching it on TV, he is in it, we are here and it blows.
I am so ready to leave. I sure will miss making that English pound, it's like 1.5 and that is SO nice to have. The Euro is pretty up there too but not as much. Anyway, good night cruel world.

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  1. Yeh the riots are fucking BS! There's no message behind it they are rioting for greed and 42" TV's. Prisons are full and the police get sued if touch anyone, even if do get arrested in England (unlikely) then you get released the same afternoon so you can do what the fuck you want.

    Enjoy the rest of your tour around Europe! And thank Eddie for a great show in Manchester...I would of told him myself but I was totally off my nuts :)