Friday, August 12, 2011

Getting frenched in France.

Our journey to France was uneventful. It took about 8 hours and surprisingly, no one lost their head. Anyone with a toddler knows how challenging a ride to the market might be, they ARE like little drug addicts, you just never know what you are going to get.
Speaking of drug addicts, it is kind of nice to be in France. No I don't think they are drug addicts, that's why I am glad to be out of the UK- they like their drugs. French people are more alcoholics and I a down with that. After all, I could become one at any time, it's in my blood.
We drank our weight in wine the last few nights. Bordeaux is the most amazing and inexpensive red wine you can get your hands on, I suggest it to anyone- except of course, if you are an alcoholic..
So last night Eddie's show was at a club right around the corner. It was actually attached to the place we had dinner the first night. We gather up our stuff, you know the merch, the guitar, the baby- rock stuff and walk down the street. As we wonder up to where the club door should be (open) we are greeted with a sign... I don't speak or read french but I did take it in high school (to spite everyone who told me I wouldn't need french, I would need to know spanish, um, hello... I knew I would be going places) so where was I? Oh the sign... we knocked on the door and theere was no answer. He thought maybe there was another way in but there was not. It was just us and the hostile sign, stating in french that there was no show of Eddie Spaghetti and you could get a full refund for your ticket..., or something like that.
He walked up to the restaurant we had dinner in the night before and asked them about it. The lady asked if he wanted a refund and he said "no, I'm Eddie Spaghetti"... um, hello Spinal Tap moment- at least it was the first one of the tour, we are not immune nor ashamed, happens to the best of us. She kinda laughed and said she would call someone from the club.
Eddie walks outside and calls his booking agent who is totally pissed. Seems like he had a conversation with the french promoter the day before, when they did NOT cancel the show. I guess it was due to low presale, in France that must mean something because in Glasgow there were 30 presale and the show was sold out that night.
Anyway, that was that. The show was canceled. Eddie came back in the restaurant still cool, I would have been SO PISSED. But he was just worried about being paid. Staying two nights in Paris and then having your job cancel, that is not cool. But he was paid, in full and the promoter who showed up even bought us dinner. So it ended well.
"Hey, remember that time we came to Paris and your show got canceled?" That was the quote of the night.
Speaking of the night. So we were left with nothing to do or everything, depending on how you look at it. I wished we had known, we would have never come back to this part of town, I would have stayed at the Louvre, where I spent the afternoon with Quattro. We saw the Mona Lisa and Aphrodite. It was amazing. There were so many people there, which reminded me that I don't really like people that much. Not in mass clusters anyway.

Before we split off, Eddie and Elvis to go their way and Q and to the Louvre, we had lunch. It is our thing now to go and sit down at a place only to get up and leave after we have sat for too long, never to see a waiter. We are always glad we left the last place because we find ourselves at the perfect spot, with food and service to match. We are not french. We cannot sit and have a 3 hour lunch, well Eddie and I could but with a 10 year old that is always starving and a nearly 2 year old- please. There's a reason you don't see many little toddlers out for lunch. We ended up at a place just off the beaten path that had a super friendly guy working, I assume he owned the place. It was small and just looked like a local favorite, not a tourist stop. It was next to this massive church, so we had gargoyles looking over us as we ate. After that we said our good byes, Elvis who is usually pretty clingy to me, had no problems saying going off with her Daddy, she is getting a handle on all of this.

After a lot of stairs, possibly too many push and shove people, we made our way through what I suspect to be about 1/16 of the museum. It is massive, it would take a week. We saw the things we wanted to see and some things we didn't (Quattro said "I'm surrounded by wangs!")

He was also surrounded by the amazing Mona Lisa.

I was trying to use the map but it was ridiculous. There were areas you had to go up and back down stairs to get to, which is where the Colossal Statue of Ramesses II was. Quattro wanted to go see it and we looked and we looked but we could not get to it "I can't get left..." is what I kept thinking. We just couldn't get left.
We saw The Wedding Feast, which is the largest painting I have ever seen. It is almost creepy. The Seated Scribe and the Easter Island head were awesome. But I think my favorite was Athena, or maybe it was La Belle Ferronniere- something like that. She was beautiful. It was De Vinci- they all look like photographs, they are that breathtaking.

After failed to find the statue we saw it was time to get to the meeting spot. There's a maze like park just outside the museum, we found the other Daly's straight away. We had a drink in the park and fed the birds. One or two birds are sweet, when you get a whole kit of them- well that is disgusting.

We had a lovely dinner at a place that would never work in America. Where people sit for hours and drink and smoke and enjoy the moments they are given. It was fantastic and I felt a little bit french when I left, but maybe that is because I had a little too much wine.