Thursday, August 4, 2011

Grimsby is...

a bit grim. I am sure it is a beautiful place but between our hotel and the fever and chills Quattro woke up with this morning, we are going to rename it "Grim" for now.
After a fabulous afternoon in Manchester, playing in the fountain in the square, sharing sandwiches and ice cream- we pulled into Grimsby on a high note, only to be met with a "wha wha whaaaaa" as we step into the hotel.
It's a huge old building, well maintained, this place could be awesome. It is in a seemingly great location but there has been no one loving the St. James in many, many a decade. I am sure these beds were put in here before I was born. It was rough.
We did have two adjoining rooms, but that just meant there were more scratchy towels and hideous curtains. I give this place a massive thumbs down- they should not expect the likes for Brad and Angelina or even the Daly's for that matter.
So Quattro was having a bit of a "weird" feeling last night and now he is full blown fever. I am hoping this passes him quickly and that there's no vomit of transfer of germs. Elvis is not that happy that she can't have a cuddle with him this morning, but when one gets sick it is always my mission to keep it that way.
Elvis and I stayed in last night. We did go see the club which was cool and that local hang for the motorcycle guys, the "Warlocks". They were all super nice and I wish I would have gotten a picture of little chicken and all those tough guys- mixed with their english accents, they seem even less of a hard ass. So I missed that photo op but I do have these beauties for ya.

Elvis and Eddie walking to the Nottingham castle, that was royally closed.

This be the tree that bucked Quattro off.

Elvis being the impossibly cute creature she is.

This is how Q likes to burn off steam before the long car ride. Whatever works!

This is what we call, "the money shot".


  1. I can't believe you guys went to Grimsby of all places! lol, it makes Birmingham, AL look like Florence. If you ever visit small towns in the UK again I would recommend York, Oxford and Bath :)

  2. We love York, wish we would've gone there instead, alas that is something we don't do is book his tour.