Sunday, August 14, 2011

I have traveled a lot since I have been on this earth.
As a child my Mother moved us around a lot. We were attached to my step fathers work, so when he had to go, we did too. I don't see my life now as much different, except maybe where my kids are getting to go is... hmmm, a little more scenic? Ya, lets just leave it at that, shall we.
So I am all over the place since I am 5 or so. I find it comforting to do it. I get restless. I get bored. I am a big believer that if you are bored, you are boring and I am boring when I am at home too long. I lose the flavor I have, or feel I have, so moving around is a part of who I am. Who knows, if I hadn't met Eddie, I might've been a hitch-hiker.
As I travel from place to place, I have always tried to take one thing from there. What I feel I can take home with me, let that be a new part of who I am and I think I would like to share it with you. This might be just for the chicks, how would I know, I am not a dude. Your comments are welcome.

When you are in France, you should hook up. If you are single or if you are not and have a feeling you will cheat on your spouse at some point along the way- do it in France.
The men have this look like they could not only show you a good time but they might unlock a mystery within. Sounds cheesy, but unless you have locked eyes with a slightly sweaty French man at the corner of "holy shit" and "what's your sign", you can't judge. They are sexy in a way that no other men are. They look a bit dirty, but not poor. They may not own a car but they drink the best wine and eat the best food. I'm serious. If I ever feel my marriage is over or if it ever comes to an end- you can find me in Paris.

You want to drive in Germany. This is a place where you (if you are in fact one that loves to drive) can get behind the wheel and feel like a real driver. One who is surrounded by others that love to drive and want to be driving. The cars will get out of your way because they see you coming, they flash their lights with care, not hostility and you would never EVER have someone in front of you who doesn't want you to pass them, so they hit their breaks. That wouldn't happen. Because in Germany they have the Auto-Bahn and that could mean death. They do not fuck around on the road. The cars are fast and the roads are smooth. There are no potholes, there are no police, it's like a goddamn dream. Drive in Germany.*

Shop in London. London is one of those cities where you could look at the map, take the tube (subway) and walk out from underground and you will probably find great things to buy. They have shopping districts but they have these fantastic little hidden gems too, you have to go with someone who knows, or be brave and do it alone.

Have tea in York. Just do it.

Don't go to Grimsby. It's all in the name.

Eat in Italy. Italy has the most amazing people, you should make friends there too. But the food... wow. The food has so much love and history, you will never get a bad anything. You have to be adventurous. You can't be a wimp.

Get drunk in Spain. You won't be sorry. Well... you will be sorry but you won't regret it. It's not like going to Vegas and drinking your face off. Spain gives you the atmosphere to get drunk, be drunk and the next day it is okay. Make it to lunch time and they even grant you a siesta. Be warned, these people are animals. They stay up until 5 a.m. Not me, not anymore. If I'm witness to a sunrise, there better be a baby cryin'.

Watch your purse in Paris.

Make friends in Switzerland. I have never been greeted with such welcome faces. Everyone is disgustingly sweet and their government PAYS for their entertainment. Don't go shopping here though, it's beyond. Probably the most expensive place I have ever been.

Take pictures of the English countryside and pull over and walk with the sheep. There are a million nooks and streams you can discover, it's beautiful.

Be a tourist in Ireland. You will not be greeted with annoyance for asking dumb questions but you will also not be able to understand their answer. Here they are speaking the English but I'm afraid it is all lost on me because of their thick, almost cartoon-like accents. And if they are drinking (which lets be honest, they are always drinking) is double the fun.

Go see Stonehenge and (from my friends good advice, I must pass on) don't pay to do the tour.

And lastly, lay on the beach in Croatia. It is not Ibiza (who needs that chaos?). It is calm and relaxing and the sand is soft and the weather is mild, yet hot. It's magical.

That's it for now. I am sure I will think of a lot of other things along the way, some I will jot down and share and others will be long gone, lost in my clouded head.

* This might be a little too late. As I am driving the Auto Bahn now (well this week, not actually right not) I am finding that this too might be in the past. As the German Auto Bahn has seemingly turned into just a regular, dare I say "American" freeway? There are some areas with a posted speed limit, which may have always been there I don't remember them, but the worst part are the drivers!! Where are the fast, courteous drivers of yesteryear? Where are the "get out of my way" people, the ones that would only use the fast lane to pass while they are actually GOING FAST!!?? Yesterday I drove from Frankfurt to Koln and I was witnessing the end of an era, it was pitiful. I wish I could have taken a picture, there was a car pulling a camper in the fast lane and I pasted him on the right... this shouldn't happen, this is not the Auto- Bahn I know and love... more to come on this, maybe it's all a bunch of tourists going home and through the week they will all be gone and the roads will be fast and safe again. Tbc.


  1. I'm pretty sure I have a mystery within that needs unlocking.