Monday, August 15, 2011


Shop, eat, drink, shop, eat, drink... that is what we have done today. Oh and walk about 15 miles.
Planning to swim and just lay around tonight. We are kind of sad our favorite restaurant is on holiday this week, so we will no doubt be complete sloths and order some overpriced, not that special room service. Hey, it's our day off, we can't expect too much from ourselves.
When we arrived our room was not ready. A total bummer because it put a hiccup in our rhythm. When you ar traveling as long as we are, with kids in tow- there's a certain rhythm you have to achieve. We didn't have it on the first day or the first week but you build up and then you find it and it's a constant struggle, albeit a good one to have, to keep it. So pulling into town and hearing it would be more than an hour before our room is ready was a bit of a bummer- but not at all a shock. It's a major chain, they are the ones that dick you around the most. There are a ton of cute, funky little hotels here but being a day off and such a special place for us, we just went with who had the best beds and other than the Crown Plaza and this other place that was 400 Euro a night- the Marriot won.
So we are here and the kids are swimming now with Eddie. I stayed in the room to have a little quiet time and time to blog. It is hard, some days more than others, to find the time to sit down and get my thoughts out. Elvis is almost 2 and every bit a 2 year old. She's great but there's only two positions on her switch "full blast" and "out of gas". Q is great to hang with. He is at that age where he can just lay around and relax. Read a book while I blog or play a video game. Sometimes it is just nice to lay around together, that is something we don't get to do a lot of... I think partially because I bought a new couch this year and it is not a lay around couch. It is too modern and stiff. It is for sitting and looking at (and apparently for cat scratching, man I hope my friend who is house sitting is putting the blanket on the ends of the couch...). So ya, we don't lay around together much. Eddie and I lay around at night. After the kids are in bed, we watch our shows and read and ignore each other.
Speaking of shows! How lame am I that I can't wait to get home to watch TV? I am thinking about it way too much. It's not stopping me from enjoying the constant roam around but I did have a little dream about Andy Cohen the other night. I was watching "Watch What Happens Live" and I called in.. then I woke up.

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