Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The last dance.

This morning I am waking up in Paris. Again.
Yesterday we left Barcelona, Spain and drove our asses off. If you have ever seen a map of this area, you will know, it is not close.
I'm guessing nearly 600 miles.
It was a good drive. There were a lot of kid movies going on in the backseat and good music and conversation in the front.
It was a day off so we were in no hurry to get anywhere. In fact, we had no where special planned to get to. We just drove. We stopped, we drove, we ate- we drove. Around 1 a.m. we knew it was time to pull it over. Elvis was still awake (Quattro had been asleep for hours) and I had a feeling she was not going to go down until we had a cozy spot in a bed for her. She's like that. It's a good thing.
We rolled into Paris and found a hotel. It's a no fills chain, the Ibis. I call it "I bis this will do.". It's not exactly what we love or are use to but at this point, we just want to go home with as much $ as possible and we consider our luxury accommodations card punched. We stayed at the NH in Madrid. It is awesome. In the morning we woke up to a futbol teams bus, tons of polizei, it was quite the scene. Madrid played Zaragoza. Parking in Madird that day was insane, there were cars all over sidewalks and in the middle of streets. Insanity yet somehow it all seemed okay, like not ridiculous- just pleasantly odd.
I was sad to leave Madrid. We didn't get to spend enough time there but we walked along the river or whatever and watched the bats fly around and the fish swim. There was an amazing kids playground (seriously, we need to take playground notes from the Europeans, they do it better, plain and simple) so we of course went to that. Elvis ran around and Quattro made friends. He doesn't speak spanish and they didn't speak english but that doesn't ever seem to matter. Kids are wonderful like that.
I will have to tell you about Barcelona later. I am getting hustled out of here and we need to get to Antwerp, Belgium where Eddie is opening for the Bellrays and I am sad to say that we will not be watching them play, we will be peeling out as soon as Eddie is done. Our hotel is in Calais which is in France. Another 2 hour drive. We then wake up (at 5 a.m.) and jump on a ferry to England and drive to the airport. Seriously. It is hard to wrap my brain around this being over. Sad. Yet so fucking happy to be going home.

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