Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cody. Heidelberg and a great big castle.

We met this guy named Cody as we were getting on the train to go up to Heidelberg castle the other day. He was a retired, widowed man from Seattle but had been living in Atlanta for the last 16 years. He was staying with his son and daughter in law in Germany for the summer and has a daughter that lives near Tacoma.
This man was the nicest guy. He was sweet to the kids and we chatted until the train stopped at the top. We got off the train and that was that. We all disappeared into the castle and I wish I would have seen him again. He was so cute with his backpack and being alone, still on his adventure in life. If anyone out there knows Cody, tell him we say "hi".

This is such a great picture of them. It really shows who they are and how they feel about each other. I love it.

This is the shot of the trip, so far. This is the bench we sat Q on when he was 5 months old (one of us had to stand just out of the shot then, so if and when he tipped over he didn't have a royal fall), we have a picture of him on it when he was 5, 8 and now with his little sister at 10. Heidelberg is very special.

This time we couldn't find our names in the castle. There's an area where people sign in this little turrets or something... anyway, our names are long gone now, and it was kind of sad.
But hte castle was still beautiful and the walking around was superb.
Quattro got his very first Swiss Army knife and he is a new man because of it. My baby has a knife... I hear a song there.

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