Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What a difference a (good) bed makes

I don't know if you have traveled over here. Whether you stay in 1 or 39 beds in Europe, there is one thing they all have in common and that is, they all suck. All of them. That's why we stayed here, it is not very European, we could be anywhere really- I just couldn't take a single, old, soggy mattress another night.
Even if you have a "big" bed on your reservation, you will no doubt get two single beds, pushed together with one sheet making them seem like one... which means no one can sleep in the middle, so we are on separate sides of the earth... err, um bed.
We have been putting our chicken on top of the covers, toward the bottom of the bed. It's nice because she thinks she is in her own bed, not bothering us at night but I wonder how comfortable it can be?
The sleeping arrangements are going to be something that we have to work out when we get home. Quattro loves sleeping in the same room as us. We all get to stay up and chat and then in the morning, we all get cozy in one bed. At home he is down stairs while Eddie, Elvis and I are all upstairs. She has her own room and that too might become problem but maybe not... who knows these things.
So this is the part of the trip when I am looking more and more forward to getting home.
I want my stuff. My face masks and the place down the street where I get pedicures. I want a different pair of pants, I only brought 2 and believe it or not, I haven't bought any more.
I want a different purse. The one I brought basically turned into a garbage bag... there are no pockets, the zipper gets stuck. It's pissing me off. I'm just starting to bitch, internally (and on here) for now.
I think we have something like 18 days left. I can do that. I think I'm ready to get out of Germany, then I will be recharged.
It's funny, when we come over here we all know how lucky we are. I mean, Eddie gets to travel around and play music for $$. That's insane, we all still know and think and appreciate how incredible that is. But the day to day is a fucking grind sometimes. Just like doing whatever you do for a living. If you like your job, then it's more similar than if you hate it, I guess, but it's all a grind somedays more than others.
3 more shows in Germany to go and I know we will enjoy them. The German fans are the ones you can count on. They know what is going on, they all still have their ear to the ground- which is more than I can say for the French.
I'm being pestered to get out of bed now, so we can go to the castle. I know, I should be more excited and I will be once we get there but you know- the grind. It has hit me. I'm grinding my gears, dragging my feet (and my ass).

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